Traditional saunas heat the air, often to above 180 degrees. However, our Far-Infrared Sauna uses much less energy and directly heats your body using naturally-occurring far-infrared waves of energy, which penetrate deep while gently elevating the body’s surface temperature, activating major bodily functions.

Far-Infrared Heat Therapy is a cutting-edge treatment for many ailments and has long been a part of Eastern medicine. It has been proven to reduce muscular tension, provide pain relief, increase circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues, while reducing blood pressure.

Studies show that sweat from a traditional sauna contains about 3% toxins; however, perspiration from a Far-Infrared Sauna contains about 17% toxins. The deep detoxification benefits and penetrating heat from our Far-Infrared Saunas make them an effective and essential part of your health and wellness regimen.

Far-Infrared Heat Therapy sessions also provide a convenient way to burn calories, detox, and get many of the benefits of a workout in a short period of time. After a 30-minute session, your body will benefit all week.


  • 1 session for 1 person

    Rp. 160k++.

  • 1 session for 2 people

    Rp. 200k++

  • 1 session for 3 people

    Rp. 250k++.

  • 1 session for 4 people

    Rp. 290k++



*Prices in Indonesia Rupiah. Subject to tax & service charge.