Spa Venus manicures and pedicures are a perfect compliment to your day. With massage, scrubs and quality OPI polishes your nails will sparkle and your feet will float for days, 

  • Spa-Venus-Bali-Manicure-Pedicure

    Give your hands and feet the treatment they deserve with a pampering bath, scrub and a massage, finished with an OPI polish of your choice.

    Manicure (1 hour) – Rp. 190k++;
    Express Manicure without polish (1 hour) – Rp. 130k++;

    Pedicure (1 hour) – Rp. 190k++;
    Express Pedicure without polish (1 hour) – Rp. 130k++

  • Spa Venus Ear Candling

    Ear candling uses a cone to create a spiral flow of smoke, heated air, and herbs into the ear canal to draw out physical and emotional debris. Relaxing & non-invasive, this ancient treatment is excellent for sinus problems, chronic headaches, hearing difficulties and stress.

    1 hour – Rp. 270k++



*Prices in Indonesia Rupiah. Subject to tax & service charge.