Our Reiki therapist facilitates a powerful method of hands-on healing, which works to open and align the body’s energy systems. A very deep relaxation session restores balance in the body, mind, heart and spirit with universal life-force energy.

In this ancient healing method, the practitioner influences the flow of energy at specific points without needles or pressure. Typically the energy feels like heat and creates an incredibly light body and peaceful feeling within.

The purpose of energy healing is to become revitalized and to experience the fullness of your potential. When imbalances have been removed, the natural flow of energy is restored to balance and harmony. Consequently the innate healing power of the body is able to re-calibrate so that stress, negative emotions and physical symptoms have an opportunity fade away.

Reiki is recommended for:

  • Maintaining mental, physical and emotional balance
  • Reducing stress, relieving pain and healing on all levels of being
  • Loosening up blocked energy and promoting a state of total relaxation
  • Accelerating the body’s ability to heal physical ailment and opening the mind and spirit to the cause of disease and pain


1 – 1.5 hours session

Rp. 950k++


*Prices in Indonesia Rupiah. Subject to tax & service charge.